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Our light towers and other products are used by major construction companies, government departments, airports, stadiums, movie and TV filming companies.

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Lighting Applications

Large area, high performance lighting towers for Construction, Roadworks, Industrial, Mining, Events, Sports Stadiums and Film / Movie / TV.

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Expressions of Interest

Lunar Lighting is seeking Expressions of Interest from ISO accredited companies around the globe to manufacture under License and/or distribute our Lunar Lights.

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Lunar Lights are approved & purchased by the US Department of Homeland Security

Lunar Lights have been approved and purchased by the US Department of Homeland Security

Lunar Lighting – large area, glare free lighting.

Lunar Lighting has an intelligent solution for many different types of applications.

Product Advantages at a glance

  • POWER: Our HMI lights have no limitations. Our lights consistently achieve 6,000° Kelvin (crisp white daylight) with no glare.
  • SAFETY: Diffused and glare free, eliminating the deep shadowing of directional light towers. Greater work safety and much higher productivity.
  • GLARE FREE: Glare free character makes them ideal for road construction or emergency scenes as there is no glare to workers or oncoming traffic.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE LIGHT DIRECTION: The 360° lighting can be swapped over to 180° in minutes.
  • CONVENIENCE: Fewer HMI lights are required for any given task. This means less transport, faster setup, and more hours actually spent working.
  • HOT RE-STRIKE CAPABILITY: HMI lights can be “re-struck” immediately, saving on downtime.
  • INNOVATION: Lunar Lighting products are the result of 16 years of development across several generations of lighting.
  • A DIFFERENT LIGHT FOR EACH PURPOSE: Unlike standard lighting systems, Lunar Lighting has a light solution for every application.

Welcome to Lunar Lighting

Lunar Lighting has developed products to suit projects in oil and natural gas exploration and drilling, construction, mining, roadworks, industry, events, sports stadiums and Film / Movie / TV. Our lights range from the personal, portable lighting systems (Lunar BakPak) for maintenance and night call outs … to the super-powerful, glare free, 12,000W Lunar Light Tower. This tower replaces at least 6 conventional lighting towers, yet uses less fuel. Some Lunar lights can be packed in a car boot, but still illuminate up to 3,000 square metres. Save on transport, set up and fuel costs.

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About Lunar Lighting

Lunar Lighting products originated as an Australian company, and are now at the forefront of revolutionary, next generation lighting technology with production in both the US and Australia. We have lighting towers and other systems available Australia wide, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and remote areas..
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Lunar Lighting is seeking Expressions of Interest from ISO accredited companies around the globe to manufacture under Licence and / or distribute our Lunar Lights. In addition, responders will be required to have established distribution channels to the relevant industries which may have been gained via existing manufacture of complementary industrial equipment. Our products are proven in the field, and have been allocated NATO Stock Numbers after exhaustive testing by the US Department of Defence.

Go to our lighting technology licensing page for more information.

In 1997 a massive landslide in the Australian Ski Resort of Thredbo required powerful lighting, as the rescuers worked through the night. Lunar volunteered its HMI lights, and they achieved unprecedented brightness over the unstable steep slopes. Read More →
George Ossolinski, of Lunar lighting, was invited to receive an “innovation and export” award in Washington, D.C.

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The 2014 Subaru BMX National Championships were a great success with 3000 entrants of all ages displaying their skills. Organisers wanted the best possible light quality, so chose to use the powerful 12kW HMI Lunar Lighting® towers to provide glare free daylight quality for the night time events.

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