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More Light. Less $$$

Our patented LED lighting technology delivers more light using less energy than any other lighting system on the world market.

  • Highest lumen output per watt: a massive 218lm/W
  • Brightest: Illuminate a wider area with fewer lights
  • Most energy efficient: save $$$ on fuel & transport
  • Most compact: 14kg light head vs 60kg (typical)


The new LED lighting towers are available for sale and rental Australia wide and are ideal for use in applications from civil works, mining, oil and gas, construction, sports and special events.

Lunar LED lighting towers boast numerous environmental and energy efficiency features with unmatched benefits. Find out more here

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Celebrating 24 years in business

Lunar Lighting is proud to celebrate over 24 years of Innovation!

Supplier to US Homeland Security

Lunar Lights have been approved and purchased by the US Department of Homeland Security

Supplier to Australian Dept of Defence

Lunar Lighting is an Australian Department of Defence recognised supplier

Why Choose Lunar Lighting?

Lunar Lighting is a unique R&D-focused lighting company with worldwide patents and trademarks.
With a history spanning over 24 years, Lunar Lighting has made significant achievements in the growth and development of its unique range of glare-free lighting solutions and to date remains unchallenged in the world lighting market.
The extraordinary engineering design and manufacture of our glare-free lighting solutions is delivering exceptional safety and performance for our customers around the world.

Lunar Lighting 1710W LED Light

  • Glare free *
  • Dimmable
  • Even, uniform light
  • LED efficacy: 210 lm/W
  • Total output: 372,780 lm
  • Area lit: 9,000m²
  • 360º Illumination
  • Tough polymer diffuser
  • Compact 14kg light head
  • Fully directional as needed
  • Infra-red option available
  • Adjustable from 342W to 1710W

Competitor 4x150W LED Light

  • Blinding glare causing fatigue
  • Not dimmable
  • Uneven, with hotspots
  • LED efficacy: approx. 120lm/W
  • Total output: approx. 72,000 lm
  • Area lit: approx. 5,000m²
  • Directional only
  • Fragile glass diffuser
  • 4 x light heads up to 60kg
  • Not available
  • Not available
  • Not available

* Glare free properties are dependent upon dimmer switch setting

** Features and Figures may be subject to change at any time without notice © Lunar Lighting Pty Ltd 2018

We’ve been everywhere

From scorching desert mine sites to alpine rescue operations our lights withstand it all.

Here are some of the places we’ve been.

HMI Light Tower

Our HMI Light Towers have been used for large Mining projects across the globe. Lunar lights are a proven performer in harsh and remote environments.

Lunar Lights for Rescue Operations

Our Lights are suitable for all terrains and conditions. They are tough, portable and efficient and have been used extensively in rescue operations.

Lunar Lighting at Rio Olympics

Lunar Lights have illuminated Sporting Events all over the world, including the Olympic Games. Our HMI Light Towers were found on track at Rio in 2016.

Lunar LED Lights for Military

Lunar Lighting is a recognised supplier for both the Australian Dpt of Defence and US Dpt of Homeland Security. Our lights are built tough to withstand all conditions.

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