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Lighting towers & mobile light solutions for construction, mining, roadworks, industry, events, security, sports & film.

Our lights range from personal, portable lighting systems such as the Lunar BakPak to the super-powerful, glare free, 12,000W Lunar Light Tower. The single 12kW globe is rated at 1.2 million lumens output which is about 12 times that of conventional lighting towers.

Some, like our LED lights, can be transported in a car boot, but still illuminate up to 50,000 square metres. Save on transport, set up and fuel costs. Best of all being glare free, your employees’ health and safety remains uncompromised.

Lunar Lighting 23 years

Lunar Lighting is proudly celebrating 23 years in business and continued innovation!

Why Choose Lunar Lighting?

  • POWER: Our HMI lights are very versatile and consistently achieve 6,000° Kelvin (crisp white daylight) with no glare.
  • SAFETY: Diffused and glare free, eliminating the deep shadowing of directional light towers. Greater work safety and much higher productivity.
  • GLARE FREE: Glare free character makes them ideal for road construction or emergency scenes as there is no glare to workers or oncoming traffic.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE LIGHT DIRECTION: The 360° lighting can be swapped over to 180° in minutes.
  • COST SAVING & CONVENIENCE: Fewer lights are required for any given task. This means less transport, increased productivity, faster setup, and more hours actually spent working.
  • HOT RE-STRIKE CAPABILITY: HMI and LED lights can be “re-struck” immediately, saving on downtime.
  • INNOVATION: Lunar Lighting products are the result of many years of R&D and continuous improvement.
  • A DIFFERENT LIGHT FOR EACH PURPOSE: Unlike standard lighting systems, Lunar Lighting has a light solution for many applications.

How do Lunar Light Towers compare to conventional light towers?

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Light Towers & Other Lighting Products

Our light towers and other products are used by major construction companies, government departments, airports, stadiums, movie and TV companies.

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Large area, high performance HMI and LED lighting towers for Construction, Roadworks, Industrial, Mining, Events, Sports Stadiums and Film / Movie / TV.

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Expressions of Interest

We are seeking Expressions of Interest from ISO accredited companies around the globe to manufacture under License and/or distribute our Lunar Lights.

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Lunar lighting 23 years

Lunar Lighting is proud to celebrate over 23 years of Innovation!

usa approved

Lunar Lights have been approved and purchased by the US Department of Homeland Security

Defence Recognised Supplier

Lunar Lighting is an Australian Department of Defence recognised supplier

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