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LED Floodlights & Light Towers by Lunar Lighting

The 2400W LED Light from Lunar Lighting is perfect for situations that require portable 360°, glare free and uniform lighting.

This lighting system does not require any special machinery to set up or to move. It’s lightweight at only 14kg and travels light and easy in a 100cm case.

The 2400W LED Lunar Light is great on site as an emergency lighting source. It is a glare free outdoor led flood lighting system that can handle the lighting requirements whether an emergency or just regular equipment maintenance.

LED Lunar Light Benefits

The 2400W LED Lunar Light is the ideal LED flood lighting system because it is so flexible. It gives even and uniform light at 360 degrees. The lighting unit has an operating temperature range from -40°C to 85°C and can operate in the toughest outdoor conditions.

LED Light Tower & Solar Power Options

The 2400W LED flood light has options to customize as well. You can retrofit the LED lights to conventional lighting towers, poles, plant and machinery. A solar powered light tower version is also available.

Adjustable wattages 480W – 960W – 1440W – 1920W – 2400W.

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Other Operational features and benefits of the Lunar LED light tower include, but are not limited to:
  • CRI 70
  • Dimmable
  • Flicker Free
  • Power 90V to 305VAC
  • LEDS rated for 50,000Hrs
  • Area lit approximately 50,000m²
  • Even and Uniform 360° Lighting
  • Operating Temp range -40°C to 85°C
  • Polymer Diffuser – Durable & Tough
  • Daylight color temperature 6000°Kelvin
  • Adjustable from Visible light to Infrared light (Optional)
  • Light head Dimensions: 56 cm H x 43 cm D Weight: 14kg
  • Adjustable Wattages 480W – 960W – 1440W – 1920W – 2400W
  • LED efficacy is 210lm/W. 2400W LED efficacy is 504,000 lumens
  • Lunar Lighting Tower Version available. Solar Powered Version Optional
  • HEAVY Duty Impact Resistant road-case for transportation and storage
  • State of the Art LEDs which have Extreme Stability and high Thermal ability.
  • Directional lighting options: FIVE independent segments of 72°per segment.
  • Innovative LED Thermal Management System with PURE Aluminum heat sink
  • Typical Amperage draw is 10 Amps @ 240V for 2400W; 2 Amps for 480W
  • Can be Retrofitted to conventional lighting towers, poles, plant and machinery

** Features and Figures may be subject to change at any time without notice © Lunar Lighting Pty Ltd 2017

* Glare free properties are dependent upon dimmer switch settings.

Download the 2400W Outdoor LED Flood Light Brochure

Download the 2400W LED Light Tower Specifications

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