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Our History

Before Lunar Lighting Innovations began, the highest quality HMI illumination was only to be found in the world of make believe – on film sets. When his diverse interests brought him into contact with the movie industry, Australian innovator George Ossolinski (now Lunar CEO) found himself wondering:

Why should fictional drama have better lighting than real-life scenarios, where there is no chance of a second take?

George took this one step further to manufacture “Glare Free” HMI Lunar Lighting which now has Registered World Wide Patents and Trademarks.
Propelled by this vision, George set about engineering and producing energy-efficient, portable ‘daylight’ for demanding applications such as emergency and rescue, searches, industry, maintenance, road works, rail, aviation, mining, oil and gas, surveillance and defence, to name a few. He talked to potential users to not only understand their needs, but also anticipate them. He researched and refined the Lunar Lighting approach to achieve elegant yet rugged designs which have been allocated NATO Stock Numbers (NSN) by the Defence Department after exhaustive testing, with a focus on component and build quality, and above all, efficiency, utility and user-friendliness.

The result is a range of glare free Lunar lights – from one-person portable units to towable towers – that suit a vast array of applications under the most exacting of conditions. From our feedback, we know that people like Army engineers admire Lunar’s design and construction values, while personnel in the field know they can rely on its products. And although members of the public may not realise it, Lunar is there for them too, in situations where glare-free, shadow-free lighting makes a critical difference for all.

The Lunar Lighting Innovations story is still evolving, but is always underpinned by the same guiding principle: an abiding commitment to serve the exacting needs of personnel who require superb illumination whenever drama plays out in real life. And of course, Lunar Lighting is great for film sets and special events too!

George Ossolinski

Lunar Lighting Innovation’s founder and CEO George Ossolinski was raised in Sydney, Australia. He grew up in a family atmosphere of inquiry, engagement and resourcefulness. A proficient sportsman, he played and won many awards in Australian Rules football and other sports, acquiring attitudes of self-discipline and teamwork along the way.

George’s lateral thinking and tenacity found their logical expression in innovation and entrepreneurship. It is often remarked that simply having great vision is not enough: you have to see things through and make them happen. That requires belief, dedication, passion and persistence, without all of which Lunar Lighting would be just another bright idea.

In his downtime, you can find George kicking an occasional football, or training and coaching in sports. Otherwise, rest assured he is directing his considerable energies towards Lunar Lighting’s mission to deliver quality illumination when and where it is most needed.

George Ossolinski at the Pentagon, Washington D.C.

George Ossolinski at the Pentagon, Washington D.C. USA

Lunar Lighting receives Innovation Award in Washington

 George Ossolinski in Washington D.C. USA

Former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke and Kim Beazley, Australian Ambassador to the US, with George Ossolinski in Washington D.C.

George Ossolinski, of Lunar lighting Innovations, was invited to receive an “innovation and export” award in Washington. He joined the cream of Australia’s technical and scientific community who recognised his role in expanding economic ties and export opportunities with the United States market.

Former Australian Prime Minister, Mr Bob Hawke, and then Australian Ambassador to the USA, Mr Kim Beazley, presented the awards.

The Lunar Story doesn’t end here

George Ossolinski, CEO of Lunar Lighting Innovations, is an inventor and visionary. He saw the potential in HMI lighting, and with significant investment, developed a new technology which far exceeded any conventional lighting systems. The investment resulted in a fully patented technology breakthrough that generates a brighter, crisper light which covers an enormously expanded area – glare free for enhanced work productivity and safety.

If you believe that your company has a track record in the lighting or other manufacturing industry, and that it is capable of building our lighting products to our high standards, please contact us for an initial qualifying discussion leading to a detailed proposal.

All contact will be treated in confidence.

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