Event Lighting

Daylight-quality, all-purpose event lighting

Lunar Lights tick all the boxes for event lighting: Power, Safety, Quality and Cost Effectiveness.


No other lighting technology can match Lunar Lighting in all these areas. Our patented technology ensures your event will look its best while ensuring you meet your compliance and budget needs.


That’s why our lights have been used on countless special events everywhere from the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games Opening Ceremony to high profile events including many red-carpet events for blockbuster movie premieres like Mission Impossible.


  • Available to hire or buy
  • Daylight-quality light (6000º Kelvin)
  • Glare-free light for less eye fatigue
  • Fewer light units needed, increasing safety and saving you $$$
  • Helium balloon lights available to create a unique event ambience
Rio Olympics Event Lighting

Lunar Lighting’s 1.2kW HMI Lighting Tower replaces up to 6 conventional towers and lights up to 50,000m2

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Benefits of Lunar Lighting for Events


Our lights illuminate at 6000º Kelvin, for daylight quality, natural light that’s easy on the eye & will have your event looking its best.


Normal lights create blinding glare that affect sports people and spectators. Lunar Lights provide diffuse glare-free light.


Our higher output lights mean you’ll need fewer light towers or lamps, saving on fuel, maintenance and logistics costs


Lunar Lights illuminate 360º or wherever you need light, so placement of towers is more flexible, freeing up valuable event space.

Recommended Products for Event Lighting

1.2kW Lunar Light Tower

1200 Lunar Light Tower

The most powerful light tower available, replaces up to 6 light towers for less cost & equipment requirement.

Lunar LED Lights

Lunar LED Lighting

Extremely powerful and efficient light solutions that provide more light for less cost. Glare-free, uniform light.

Helium Balloon Lights

Sydney Olympics Helium Balloon Lighting

As used in the 2000 Olympics Opening Ceremony, perfect for large scale illumination or dramatic visual effect.

Event Lighting Gallery

Enquire about hiring or buying Lunar Lighting for your events