Film Production and TV Commercial Lighting

HMI Lighting Solutions for high quality film production lighting

Lunar Lighting provides large-scale lighting solutions for the film, video & TV production industry.


Our patented HMI lighting technology delivers daylight quality (6000K) light that’s evenly distributed wherever you need it, allowing you to shoot in daylight conditions, 24/7.


Our lighting solutions have been used on productions worldwide including Titanic, Mission Impossible and many more.


  • Available to hire or buy
  • Daylight-quality light (6000º Kelvin)
  • Glare-free light for less eye fatigue
  • Fewer light units needed, increasing safety and saving you $$$


“Outstanding lighting quality … I’ve never seen anything like this”
James Cameron, Director of Titanic

Some productions using Lunar Lights:

  • Titanic
  • Mission Impossible II
  • Jindabyne
  • The Mask 2
Lunar Lights for Movie Settings

Lunar Lighting’s 1.2kW HMI Lighting Tower replaces up to 6 conventional towers and lights up to 50,000m2

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Benefits of Lunar Lighting for Film & TV Production


Our HMI lights are industry standard, illuminating at 6000º Kelvin, for daylight quality natural light around the clock.


Lunar Lights provide diffuse glare-free light, eliminating hotspots, lens flare and other unwanted lighting artefacts.


Our higher output lights mean you’ll need fewer light towers or lamps, saving on fuel, maintenance and logistics costs


Lunar Lights are highly portable and offer hot re-strike so you can get on with your production without waiting for the lights!

Recommended Products

1.2kW HMI Light Tower

1200 Lunar Light Tower

The most powerful light tower available, replaces up to 6 light towers for less cost & equipment requirement.

1,200W HMI Light

1.2kw Light Tower

Highly portable yet hugely powerful. 110,000 lumen output yet carried by hand and fits in a car boot.

Helium Balloon Lights

Helium Balloon Lights

As used in Mission Impossible, perfect for large scale illumination without requiring light towers.

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