Military & Security Lighting

Go anywhere visible & infra-red lighting for security & surveillance

Lunar Lighting provides class-leading lighting and high wattage infra-red lighting solutions for military and security applications world-wide.


Following rigorous testing our products have been issued NATO Stock Numbers (NSNs) after rigorous testing by the Defence Department and have been approved and purchased by Australia’s Department of Defence, the US Department of Homeland Security and Independent Security Contractors.


Applications include large area surveillance, border control, police operations, military operations & more.


  • Fast changeover from visible to infra-red light
  • Light towers, tripods, portable and permanent lighting options
  • Silenced generator, 12V and mains power options
  • Used world-wide in the most demanding environments

Lunar Lights are used by:

  • Australian Department of Defence
  • US Homeland Security
  • Independent Security Contractors
Military Lighting

Lunar Light Towers can illuminate up to 50,000m2 per light and can be changed over to infra-red light in minutes

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Benefits of Lunar Lighting for Military & Security


For 24 years our products have been refined to handle the demands of military & security applications world-wide


Lunar Lights produce uniform, glare-free light that is not fatiguing and lights up huge areas without hotspots or dark areas


Switch between visible or infrared light in minutes without the need for special training or tools


Light up to 50,000m2 with a single light tower for huge coverage with reduced cost, noise and equipment needs

Recommended Products for Emergency & Rescue Lighting

Lunar 1.2kW Light Tower

1.2kw Light Tower

The most powerful light tower available, able to light up an area of 50,000m2 with visible or infrared light.

Lunar Infra-Red Lights

Infra-red Lunar Light

Super powerful and flexible lighting solutions for large area surveillance operations.

12V BakPak Light

Lunar Backpack Light

Go-anywhere light powered by 12V for powerful illumination wherever and whenever needed.

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