Rescue & Emergency Lighting

Super-portable, flexible lighting for search, rescue & emergency operations

Lighting for rescue & emergency operations can be a life-or-death affair. That’s why Lunar Lights have been chosen world-wide as the system of choice when time and sheer high wattage glare-free lighting power are of the essence.


Lunar Lights are the most powerful in the industry while being incredibly compact for fast, daylight-quality illumination wherever it’s needed, as was the case during the Thredbo Landslide Disaster back in 1997.


For mobile operations the Lunar 12V BakPak light goes anywhere, enabling more efficient search and rescue on foot, motorbike or boat.


  • Available to hire or buy
  • LED, HMI & Halogen options available
  • Glare-free light for perfect visibility
  • Ultra-portable, fast deployment & relocation
  • Power options include diesel plant, 12V and generator
  • Used by emergency services & military teams world-wide

Some examples of search, rescue & emergency operations using Lunar Lights:

  • Thredbo Landslide Disaster 1997
  • Glenbrook Train Disaster
  • Lunar Lights have been purchased for Urban Search And Rescue (USAR) units throughout Australia via Federal Government Grants.
  • Lunar Lights have been issued NATO Stock Numbers (NSNs) by the Defence Department after rigorous testing for Incident Response Regiments.
  • SES
  • Fire and Rescue units nationally
  • Police Rescue units nationally
  • Mines Rescue Units
Lunar BakPak Light

The Lunar 12V BakPak light is a life-saver – providing massive illumination on the go for search and rescue operations.

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Benefits of Lunar Lighting for Emergency Operations


Get illuminated faster with our super-portable but massively powerful lights. Hot restrike allows faster relocation too.


Lunar Lights run on anything from 12V to diesel power, handle sub-zero temperatures and go anywhere with a backpack option.


Our higher output lights mean you’ll need fewer light towers or lamps, saving on fuel, maintenance and logistics costs


Get perfect illumination wherever you need it with full control over light directionality and intensity.

Recommended Products for Emergency & Rescue Lighting

Lunar 12V BakPak Light

Lunar Backpack Light

A go-anywhere, 12V-powered light for lighting up large areas on the go, perfect for search & rescue.

Lunar LED Lights

Lunar LED Lighting

Extremely powerful tripod-mounted systems that can be transported in a car boot for rapid deployment – can be mounted onto equipment, tripod or retrofitted to existing light towers.

2,000W HMI Lunar Light

Rescue and Emergency Lighting

Light up 2000m². No towing. Run off mains power or genset. Sets up in minutes.

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