Road Construction & Civil Works Lighting

Boost productivity & save

Forget conventional light towers that blind oncoming traffic and fatigue workers with eye strain.


Lunar Lighting’s patented technology produces an even, diffuse light that’s daylight quality and directed exactly where you need it. Better light = more productivity.


Better still, our lights are the most efficient in the business, saving you on equipment and fuel costs.


  • Available to hire or buy
  • Diffuse, daylight-quality light (6000º Kelvin)
  • Glare-free light for less eye fatigue
  • More lumens = fewer lights needed, saving you $$$
  • Light towers, portable tripods and custom solutions available
Civil Works Lighting

Lunar Lighting’s LED Light Towers are the most efficient on the market, providing more light for less $

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Benefits of Lunar Lighting for Roadworks


Our HMI & LED lights illuminate at 6000º Kelvin, for daylight quality natural light around the clock


Lunar Lights provide diffuse glare-free light, eliminating safety risks to motorists and creating a safer, more productive workplace


No more waiting for cool-down before re-striking, Lunar Lights provide more uptime and let you get on with the job


From 360º illumination to a focused 72º, get light where you need it and keep motorists and nearby residents happy

Recommended Products

1.2kW HMI Light Tower

12000W HMI Light Tower

The most powerful light tower available, replaces up to 6 light towers and covers up to 50,000m2.

LED Light Towers

Lunar LED Lighting

The most efficient LED Lighting Towers on the market, giving you more and better quality light for less cost.

1200W HMI Lunar Light

2000W Lunar Light Tower

Highly portable yet very powerful, for glare-free light wherever and whenever it is needed.

Road Construction Lighting Gallery

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