Sports Lighting

Daylight-quality lighting for sports fields, ski slopes & stadiums

Lunar Lighting’s unique technology delivers a superior result to conventional lighting.


Forget blinding glare – our HMI and LED lights provide a natural, diffuse light that approaches daylight-quality for night time sporting events.
Lunar Lights have been used nationally for cricket grounds, football fields, ski slopes, athletics fields and major stadiums.


  • Available to hire or buy
  • Solutions for temporary and permanent applications
  • Daylight-quality light (6000º Kelvin)
  • Perfect visibility for all sporting events
  • Glare-free light for safety & less eye fatigue
  • Fewer light units needed, increasing safety and saving you $$$
  • 360° light direction
Rio Olympics Event Lighting

Lunar Lighting’s 1.2kW HMI Lighting Tower replaces up to 6 conventional towers and lights up to 50,000m2

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Benefits of Lunar Lighting for Sports Grounds


Our lights illuminate at 6000º Kelvin, for daylight quality, natural light that turns night into day for all sporting events.


Normal lights create blinding glare that affect sports people and spectators. Lunar Lights provide diffuse glare-free light.


Our higher output lights mean you’ll need fewer lights or globes, saving on fuel, maintenance and logistics costs


Lunar Lights illuminate 360º or wherever you need light, so placement of towers is more flexible, freeing up valuable space.

Recommended Products

12kW Lunar Light Tower

12kw Lunar Light Tower

The most powerful light tower available, can replace up to 6 light towers for less cost & equipment requirement.

Lunar LED Lights

Lunar LED Lighting

Extremely powerful and efficient light solutions that provide more light for less cost. Glare-free, uniform light.

Rigid Polymer Lights

Rigid Polymer Lighting

Built to last, our glare-free Rigid Polymer Lights are designed for permanent installation.

Sport Lighting Gallery

Enquire about hiring or buying Lunar Lighting for your sporting grounds