Warehouse Lighting

Innovative solutions for temporary & permanent warehouse lighting

Our glare-free HMI lighting technology produces flicker-free, daylight quality light – this makes it the best choice for productive and safe warehouse lighting.


LED warehouse lighting is also a popular choice and our solutions are the most efficient (218 lumens per watt) and flexible in the industry for perfect illumination that saves you serious money.


Lunar Lights are ideal during construction of warehouses also – with many options for power there’s no need for noisy generators emitting diesel fumes.


  • LED, HMI & Halogen options available
  • Glare-free light for safer working conditions & higher productivity
  • Highest output lights in the industry
  • Unmatched efficiency saves you serious $$$
Lunar Lighting for Warehouses

Lunar LED Lights produce a massive 218 lumens per watt, the highest in the industry, so you need fewer lights – saving you $ on fitout, energy and maintenance costs.

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Benefits of Lunar Lighting for Warehouses


Lunar Lights produce uniform, glare-free light that is not fatiguing and lights up huge areas without hotspots or dark areas.


Normal lights create blinding glare that may affect employees. Lunar Lights provide diffused glare-free light.


Our higher output lights mean you’ll need fewer light units, saving on energy, maintenance and fitout costs


Get perfect illumination wherever you need it with full control over light directionality and intensity.

Recommended Products

Lunar HMI Lights

HMI Light Tower in Warehouse

HMI lights lead the industry for clarity, definition & contrast, providing daylight-quality light wherever needed.

Lunar LED Lights

Lunar LED Lighting

Cutting edge LED technology. Incredibly efficient, saving you money. Perfect warehouse or factory lighting.

Rigid Polymer Lights

Rigid Polymer Lighting

Tough, glare free light towers designed for permanent installation in any type of environment.

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