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Glare-Free 12000W HMI Lighting Tower

A Powerful Highly Mobile Light Solution

The 12000W HMI light tower is ideal for many applications requiring the best in lighting quality. The 12kW Lunar Light Tower is specifically designed for rugged conditions. It is portable and tough, yet lights an enormous area. An excellent solution for oil drilling, fracking and oil extraction, mining, construction and even military applications.

Literally night is turned into day – the 12000W globe is rated at 1,200,000 lumens output, with diffused, glare-free light that give less shadows. This means less cost, and more safety, where a single 12000W HMI Lunar light replaces approx. 6 conventional floodlights. The 12000W unit is powered by a portable, high-performance generator which performs in most climates and weather conditions. It can be towed with a suitable 4WD/SUV vehicle or small truck.

Product Advantages

Cost saving – less fuel, set up one unit instead of several, superior light quality daylight reproduction.
Hot Restrike – no wasted time waiting for cool down before restriking.
Directional Capability – switch from 360° to 180° in minutes.
Infrared Applications – switch between visible and infrared in minutes without sophisticated training or specialized tools.
Rigid Polymer Lighting – our light towers can also be permanent fixtures for large public areas; such as sports fields, golf courses and ski fields. Our permanent lighting applications are weather tough and glare free with low running costs.
After stringent testing by the military, NATO stock numbers have been issued – 12kW Lunar Lighting Tower: NSN 6230-66-154-6202, Part Number 12 KWLLT 2000W Lunar Light: NSN 6230-66-154-6218, Part Number 2KHLL


Package Options – Retrofit a Lunar Light to your Light Tower.

  • Reflector Lunar Light envelopes can increase the lux level by up to 2800%
  • Rigid Polymer Lunar Light diffusers for permanent lighting solutions.

Applications Include:

Mining, Oil & Construction

The HMI 12,000W light towers are used by major construction companies, government departments, mining & oil companies, and major public events. View the specifications of this powerful yet economical product to suit your application.


Military Applications

Our products are proven in the field, and have been allocated NATO Stock Numbers after exhaustive testing by the military.

Infrared Lighting

Product Comparison

The 12kW HMI Lunar Light Tower uses similar high quality daylight reproduction as that used in the demanding film and movie industry. Your project deserves the most advanced mobile lighting technology available.

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How do Lunar Light Towers compare to conventional light towers?

*The lux level can be increased by up to 2800% with the use of a Lunar Reflector.
**The light intensity will vary with distance from light source and mast height.

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