Leading Edge Glare-Free Tower & Balloon Lighting

2000W Halogen Light – Compact, very adaptive

Lights approximately 2000 sq m

Flexible, powerful light for gas or mineral exploration, mining, maintenance, emergency, roadworks, construction, public events, military and security.

  • Lightweight, portable, able to be carried in a car
  • Set up in Minutes
  • Hot Restrike
  • Adaptive & Portable
  • Powered by mains power or generator
  • Light head can be suspended or mounted onto equipment and vehicles

Operational Features

  • Powered by a conventional power source or small generator.
  • Coverage is approx. 2000m² (2392 sq. yards ) This is one third of a football field.
  • Suspend the light head from infrastructure or machinery.
  • Storage – the impact resistant road case, is slightly more than 1 yard in length, and half a yard wide.
  • Transport in a car, no need to tow. Several can be packed into a car, replacing the normal trailer-transport of conventional lights save on fuel and labor
  • Can be carried by one person – weighs only 18kg.
  • Immediate setup – tripod rises to 15 feet (5 meters), and is less than six feet (2 meters) long when stored.
  • Operates in all weather conditions.
  • Either directional or diffused 360° – easy changeover.
  • Hot re-strike capability – no need to wait for the light to cool down before re-striking.


Defence Applications


NATO Stock Number issued
after rigorous testing

6230-66-154-6218 Part No. 2KHLL


Flexible, powerful light that is Mobile and light weight, fits in your trunk

The 2000W Lunar Halogen Light runs from either a conventional power source or a small generator. It can be carried in a car, and setup quickly, it makes an ideal lighting solution for many applications.

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