Leading Edge Glare-Free Tower & Balloon Lighting

Rigid Polymer HMI Lunar Lights for permanent installation

Enabling glare free daylight lighting reproduction

Rigid Polymer HMI Lunar Lights are designed for permanent installation of lighting, in situations where a large geographic area – such a golf course or ski slope – which need high quality glare free daylight lighting reproduction. They are protected against weather, wind-blown objects and birds.

Rigid Polymer HMI Lunar Lights are perfect for permanent fixtures in public, sporting and civic areas.

They provide a weather tough, glare free and beam controlled lighting solution with low running costs.

Operational Features

  • Flexible: The Polymer Lunar HMI light ranges from 2000W to 12000W from a single Lunar HMI lighting unit.
  • Powerful: The 12000W globe is rated at 1.2 million lumens output.
  • High Quality Light: light achieves 6000° Kelvin, which replicates daylight
  • Glare Free: No blinding light or eye fatigue
  • Shadow Free: the omni-directional, the diffused lighting is shadowless.


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