Flood Light Systems & Towers

Hire or buy powerful flood lights for sports, events, construction, roadworks & more


Lunar Lighting makes world class-leading floodlights for large-area outdoor illumination, without the glare typical of other systems.


Our lights and towers can light up massive areas in every direction from a single tower. Our 12kW model uses a single 12,000W HMI globe with a globe efficacy of 1,200,000 Lumens, illuminating up to 50,000m² with glare-free daylight-quality light at 6000K colour temperature, with nearly over 12 x the lumen output of conventional flood light towers.


Our LED flood lights have the highest efficiency and the highest efficacy in the world market with 218 lumens/watt.


Whether for construction, roadworks, events, sports, mining or any other use where you need to turn night into day, Lunar Lighting is your best choice.

2000W Lunar Light Tower

A 2000W Lunar Flood light will illuminate 2000 sq metres of site area, and fit into a car for transport. NO TOWING– perfect for sports, events, small construction, maintenance and emergency.

Lunar Backpack Light

A 12V Lunar BakPak Flood light is carried on the shoulders and gives 250 sq metres of light – perfect for machine maintenance, emergencies and roaming teams.

HMI Light Tower

A 12000W Lunar Flood light Tower will illuminate approx. 50,000 sq metres – that’s SIX football fields. Used for large area construction, mining, industrial lighting and events.

Lunar LED Lights for Military

Lunar LED flood lights have the highest efficiency on the market – 218 lumens per watt, saving you on energy, logistics and maintenance costs.

Unmatched features

A range of floodlights and towers which illuminate from 2000 to approx 50,000 sq metres

A range of light sources & lumen strengths, up to a massive 1,200,000 lumens globe rating (with the use of internal reflector, the light output can be increased by approx. 20%)

12000W Flood light Light Tower – massive lighting capacity

1710W LED Flood lights – tripod or light tower mount, highest efficiency

2000W Tripod Flood light – fits in your car boot, but illuminates 2000 sq metres

1200W Tripod Floodlight – fits in your car, no towing, lights half a football field

Less transport cost, less setup and pack-away time, less fuel cost

Glare free light for safety and reduced eye fatigue

Smaller, highly portable floodlight tripods for close-in work

360° or 180° light direction – change over in minutes

Hot restrike, no waiting for cool down before re-striking

Glare free daylight reproduction of 6000K

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Our Products

1200W HMI Light

1200kw HMI Lunar Light

The 1200W HMI Lunar Light is ideal for any application where portability and speed of setup is important. Rather than glary lights which are visually fatiguing, the 1200W Lunar light can be placed close to the work and can be carried by hand.


  • Globe efficacy is 110,000 lumens
  • Coverage of approx. 3000m²
  • Glare-free light
  • Duplicates daylight colour temperature
  • Portable – carried by hand and transported in a car boot
  • 360° and 180° capability – change over in minutes
  • Takes only minutes to set up – the tripod is simple to erect
  • Power draw only 5A
  • More light for less power saves $$$

1710W LED Light

Lunar LED Lighting

LED floodlights are ideal for large area lighting thanks to their efficiency and reliability. But not all LED lights are the same. Lunar LED lights offer the highest lumens per watt available on the world market.


  • Highest lumens per watt (218lm/W)
  • Glare-free, daylight quality
  • Flexible power options
  • Tripod option or retrofit to existing tower
  • Fully adjustable power & directionality
  • Lights up to 9,000m²

12000W HMI Lighting Tower

12000W HMI Lunar Light Tower

The brightest light tower available anywhere – the 12,000W globe efficacy is 1,200,000 lumens, with diffused, glare-free light. This means less cost, and more safety, where a single light can replace approx. 6 conventional floodlights.

It is powered by a portable, high-performance generator which performs in most climates and weather conditions. It can be towed with a suitable 4WD/SUV vehicle or small truck.

The 12,000W Lunar Light Tower is specifically designed for rugged conditions. It is portable and tough, yet lights an enormous area.


  • Globe efficacy of 1,200,000 lumens
  • Coverage of approx. 50,000m²
  • A single unit replaces up to 6 conventional lights
  • Glare-free light for safety & productivity
  • Duplicates daylight colour temperature
  • Hot re-strike capability – no need to wait for the light to cool down before re-striking
  • 360° and 180° capability – change over in minutes
  • More light for less power saves $$$
  • NATO stock number issued NSN 6230-66 154 6202 Part No. 12KHLL

Why choose Lunar Lighting Flood Light Systems & Towers?


Conventional floodlights are blinding to look at. Lunar Lights produce a diffuse, uniform light over the entire area.


Massive output. Globe efficacy of 1,200,000 lumens for the 12kW system, means you need fewer light units, saving you fuel, money & carbon emissions.


Multiple options from highly portable tripods to retro-fittable light heads, portable towers and permanent installation options.


Built to handle the toughest environments, extreme heat & cold and frequent relocations.

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