LED Lighting

We leave our competitors in the dark

LED lights and lighting towers have revolutionised large area lighting with their efficiency and reliability. But not all LED lights are the same. Our LED lights offer the HIGHEST Lumens per Watt available on the world market.

They are:

  • More Compact
  • More Energy Efficient
  • Most Powerful

They can be supplied on a compact tripod, as a lighting tower or retrofitted to existing lighting towers, poles, plant and machinery.

Superior LED Lighting Solutions

Lunar Lighting’s glare free LED light towers and portable lighting systems outperform conventional LED lighting in several key areas, reducing your costs while providing greater flexibility and enabling measurable productivity gains.

Lunar Lighting LED Light

  • Glare free*
  • Dimmable
  • LED efficacy: up to 218lm/W
  • Fully directional up to 360º

*Subject to dimmer settings

Conventional LED Light

  • Blinding glare
  • Not dimmable
  • LED efficacy: approx. 120lm/W
  • Directional up to 180º


Fewer light towers required = savings on fuel, maintenance & logistics

Better quality illumination = higher productivity on site / happier audiences

Built tough for all conditions = lower cost of maintenance & less down time

Our LED Products

1710W LED Lunar Light
Tripod Mounted

2550W LED Lunar Light

2550W LED Lunar Light

4800W LED Lunar Light

LED Light Tower Features

Glare-free light*

Dimmable & flicker free

Even and uniform 360° lighting

Daylight colour temperature - 6000° Kelvin

World class-leading LED efficacy - 218lm/W (vs approx. 120lm/W typical competitor)

State of the art LEDs with extreme stability and high thermal ability

Innovative led thermal management system with pure aluminium heat sink

Directional lighting options: five independent segments of 72°of light per segment

Can be retrofitted to conventional lighting towers, poles, plant and machinery

* Glare free properties are dependent upon dimmer switch settings.
** Features and Figures may be subject to change at any time without notice

Why choose Lunar Lighting?


Conventional LED light arrays are blinding to look at. Lunar Lights produce a diffuse, uniform light over the entire area.


Class-leading output up to 218lm/W means you get more light for less energy use, saving you fuel, money & carbon emissions.


Dimmable, adjustable directionality up to 360º, optional solar power and able to be retro-fitted anywhere you need it.


Built to handle the toughest environments, extreme heat & cold and frequent relocations.

Celebrating 26 years in business

Lunar Lighting is proud to celebrate over 26 years of Innovation!

Supplier to US Homeland Security

Lunar Lights have been approved and purchased by the US Department of Homeland Security

Supplier to Australian Dept of Defence

Lunar Lighting is an Australian Department of Defence recognised supplier

Supplier to

Lunar Lighting is a NATO/OTAN recognised supplier

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